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5 Easy Ways To Start Online Earning From Home

Online Earning

Online earning is easy. If you are a desi housewife, or a jobless ex-pat living in the USA, UK or Canada, or any other country. You must do these five things to start earning online from home immediately.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel
  2. Start a blog
  3. Start purchasing products from sale and start selling those products on local websites when the sale is over.
  4. Start teaching people (home tuition)
  5. Become an affiliate marketer

Starting a YouTube Channel 

It is the easiest thing one can do at home. Decide on a topic of your interest and start making videos immediately. If you are confused about the topic this list might help you choose one:

Personal Story

If you know yourself well, you can start your journey by uploading personal stories on YouTube.

Product Review

Take any product from your home, kitchen, or toilet may be and start recording your reviews about it. It will help you in online earning.


You can create a list of almost anything, just google a few items you are interested in you will get lots of items to create lists. E.g. top 5 gaming laptops, top 5 most beautiful cities of the world. It will help you in online earning.

How to

“how-to” is the most searched term on YouTube, so here is your chance. Start recording “how to” of anything you know or you do on daily basis. E.g. how to cook delicious biryani at home? OR how to change a flat tire in 30 seconds? It will help you in online earning.


Whenever you purchase anything new, just don’t open it without recording it. Record each angle of the product and put it on YouTube. Later you will be able to record a review about that product too. It will help you in online earning.


Home challenges are always on the top list of entertainment videos whether it be yoga position challenge or ice bucket challenge.

Vlog Ideas

Vlogs are the most common type of videos on YouTube. All you need is to record your daily life and put it on YouTube. There are many categories of vlogs like food vlog, travel vlog, health vlog. It will help you in online earning.

Response Video

It is always a good idea to create response videos to your interest. You can create response videos for movies, games, or any viral post.


Pranks are a bit difficult to record, but if you can do that, it is the most selling category on YouTube.


Get your cameras fixed everywhere you are allowed to record a video and keep recording time-lapse. Time-lapse is the most mesmerizing video whether they are recorded at sunset or sunrise,


If you have good communication skills, start recording interviews of people around you on any viral topic. It will help you boost your channel immediately. It will help you in online earning.


If you are educated enough and have an interest in teaching, educational videos are the best match for you. Start recording the lessons of our expertise and sooner or later you will be famous on YouTube. It will help you in online earning.


If you keep giving tips to everyone now and then, start doing it on camera. You will be amazed at the results.

Blogging is Easy

If you are camera shy and don’t want to be on camera, you can start your blog.

Start writing about the topic of your interests and keep sharing them with people around. If you are confused about what to write, these ideas might help you.

  1. How to
  2. Travel
  3. Food
  4. Childcare
  5. Health care
  6. Reviews
  7. Advertisement
  8. Affiliate blogging (covered separately)

Start purchasing products from sale and start selling those products on local websites when the sale is over.

It has a huge scope. In many countries, there are sales on different occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, 11.11, Thanksgiving, Eid, and Ramzan.

All you need to do is to keep an eye on real sales on the items of your interest. Once the sale is open buy a few products at discounted prices and sells them after a month on local goods selling websites like olx.com. This can give you huge margins, but it needs some initial investment.

Start teaching people (home tuition)

Home tuition is always an easy way to earn a handsome amount and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become even easier. Online learning has increased significantly in Covid times and that makes online tuitions more attractive and easy paying jobs. Use your contacts to start with and then take support from social media to advertise your work.

Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is the talk of the town nowadays, many websites offer affiliate marketing options to people around the world. Amazon is the leading affiliate marketing website in the world. All you need to do is, sign-up for the amazon associate program with a few easy steps, search for the product you like start writing about that product on your Facebook or blog with the affiliate link generated from an affiliate website. Whenever someone will purchase the product from your affiliate link you will get a commission. It is free but requires a good outreach of your post.

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