Sikhana Seekho

Syed Mujeeb ur Rehman is considered as best PMP Trainer in the world. He holds a PMP® Certification and Master’s Degree in Project Management and is passionate about training people. He offers specialized one-to-one training to a limited number of people and has a 100% success rate.

He currently provides training to job seekers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and lifelong learners worldwide.

Currently, his students are working efficiently in more than 17 countries, and he is considered the best PMP trainer in the world.

He is the founder of an institute for online training related to Project Management, Business Analysis, and some related fields, known as Sikhana Seekho (which Means “Learn to Teach”). Previously he worked as an engineer at ROMCO UAE. This company has worked and contributed to the construction of Burj Al-Khalifa, YAS Marina Circuit, New York University, EMAL Administrative Facilities, and The Constellation Abu Dhabi. Mujeeb’s vision is to produce more PMP Professionals and trainers in the future. You can also become a successful trainer if you follow the steps as mentioned in our article, how to become a PMP trainer.


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He has learned some great leadership skills, cultural diversity, and acceptance. He takes pride

in working with more than 30 nationalities of the world and dealing with teams as large as 9000 personnel.

He has learned some great leadership skills, cultural diversity, and acceptance. He takes pride

in working with more than 30 nationalities of the world and dealing with teams as large as 9000 personnel.

Originally from Pakistan, he studied in Pakistan, worked physically in the United Arab Emirates and

virtually in the UK, USA, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, and is now based in

Rawalpindi. He loves making friends around the globe.

  pmp ceritification

Best PMP Trainer



Bhupinder Kumar Sr. Technical Project Manager (Sydeny)

I have been requested to share my learning experience with Mujeeb during my PMP exam Preparation.My name is Bhupinder Kumar, and I'm a senior technical Project Manager for one of the repeated telecommunication companies in Sydney, Australia.-I am from India and currently living in Sydney, Australia. My learning experience with MUjeeb has been successful.I earned my PMP certification last December 2020. I wanted someone who could help me preparing my exam under my conditions, and during my research, I found Mujeeb's name on some of the WhatsApp groups. I got in touch with him and requested a trial class and an understanding of my concerns.And he helped me to create a preparation plan according to my limitations during my classes. I found it flexible over timing, but at the same time, he was professional enough to support me if I was not getting any context. He has his ways and examples which can relate to real-life experiences.Finally, I recommend Mujeeb to anyone planning to pass the PMP exam because of his dedication, knowledge, flexibility, and the right approach. Mujeeb is the Best PMP Trainer in the World.Thank You

Business Analysis
Alina Rana Deputy Program Manager

I'm Alina Rana, deputy program manager of one of the foreign missions in Pakistan.I've been studying with Mujeeb Rehman and Prep Fast for my project manager professional exam for almost 4 months, and I found him very reliable and punctual. He knows the content of the PMP exam's content how to make students study and which factors to focus upon. He clears all my ambiguity very professionally. He takes me through all the PMP pro kinds of preparation material he has prepared for his students.So, I'm thoroughly enjoying his classes because we are very professional in that manner. We follow punctuality, we follow the schedule, and we get tests in between to test our knowledge during the class. I highly recommend Mujeeb Rehman, and I have already recommended them to 3 of my friends who are also studying with him.Mujeeb is the Best PMP Trainer

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