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PMBOK 7th edition free book

Latest PMBO Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)-7th Edition

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)-7th Edition

 The PMBOK is an invaluable source for the preparation for obtaining PMP certifications. Almost all PMP training providers prepare PMP training resources based on PMBOK content. PMBOK 7th Edition is a guide to PMPI / CAPM certification tracks. The book is recognized by the American National Standards Institute and  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Tell me about the PMBOK Guide?

The PMBOK guide is the publication of PMI. This book is based on the primary and fundamental resources for effective project management in any business sector.

PMBOK helps industry professionals to manage multiple projects and is available in 10+ languages. In this book, the Standard for project management is explained very concisely,

The standardized foundation upon which the immense body of knowledge builds, and the guide answer to seizure and sum up that knowledge.

Over the years, businesses have changed substantially, but project management remains a hypercritical campaign for business success.

In the instant era, you cannot compete with your competitor with formal project management formulas. With these old methods, it is not possible to tickle the fast-changing demands of projects. PMBOK contains the latest project management techniques.

Moreover, PMBOK is considered a blue chip for organizations as it helps them evaluate training across several departments, adapt processes to suit particular needs, and preclude project nonaccomplishment. 

Table of Contents

Overview of the table of content that includes in the book;

  • Introducing Project Management
  • Understanding the PMBOK Guide
  • Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • Integration Management Processes
  • Scope Management Processes
  • Time Management Processes
  • Cost Management Processes
  • Quality Management Processes
  • Human Resource Management Processes
  • Communications Management Processes
  • Risk Management Processes
  • Procurement Management Processes
  • Preparing for the PMP® Examination.

Why do I need PMBOK Guide?

This guide is especially for those who are practitioners, underway, or to be in the future and will help project managers to be more active, advanced, and quick in handling the project.

Why someone who loves to work as a project manager does not buy a book for Project management having 6000+ reviews with 4.6 Ratings on Amazon??

Methodology for PM in the book;

The PMBOK guide has included the methodology of the waterfall in their previous edition which is about the stages of a project in a consecutive movement.

The 7th edition is mainly concentrating on the modern project management framework such as gile

The PMBOK Guide does not enforce a particular methodology for project management rather the frameworks taught in PMBOK Guide can be customized to suit a variety of project management situations — managers select what they need for their several companies, teams, and projects.

What are the benefits of the PMBOK Guide?

Advancing your career as a project manager the PMBOK Guide will give you a noticeable number of benefits. I am explaining some of the following;

1. PMBOK is worldwide recognized

 The PMBOK is translated into 10+ languages which makes this book globally recognized. That means the majority of project managers from different languages are using this book. It will help you while dealing with international clients and companies.

2.   Proven frameworks for Project Management

The PMBOK Guide includes dependable methodologies and evidence-supported patterns to assure you that you must know what are you doing? how to do it? and why other methodologies may not be productive.

3. Professional Development Units

The PMBOK book is considered a professional development unit that helps you to stay within the company’s strategies.

4.   Preparing for the PMP Exam

As we all know that PMP exam is considered as gold standard exam for project management worldwide. So, this book describes all the basics very well so it should be your priority for studying or preparing for the PMP exam.

5.   Project Management Steps are systematically described

The book focuses on how to break down a project into steps to have easy and systematic management. Then you can easily break down a project into steps and can handle very complex projects very easily.

6.   Traditional framework works explained

An excellent project manager must know what is beneficial for the particular project. So, this book also covers all the traditional methodologies for the management of a project.

7.   Not limited to one field and Industries

It does not matter in which industry you currently managing a project. this book will make you able to handle and manage a project in any other field and industry. This is the beautiful aspect of this book. The advice in the PMBOK applies to all industries as they relate to project management.

8.   Increased Accuracy

As we all know that accuracy is the soul of any project management. This book will enhance your accuracy by removing all the extra and useless strategies and methods. Reading this book will help you in your career more than any other publication.

9.   Reducing headache of Project Management Team

PMBOK guide will intensify your career by reducing disbursement reimbursement to the project management team. This may include training on steps, recognition of inconsistencies, and the ever-growing influence of a work breakdown structure in the field.

10.    Standardization of PMBOK process

The activity of processes remains at the nerve of all rough-and-ready business models and plans. In project management, the PMBOK guide gives away an isolated process into a complete, standardized, and cooperative endeavor.

How to buy PMBOK Guide?

You can order this book in hard form (book) or soft form (pdf) from the most trusted platform Amazon. Amazon will ship it anywhere to your destination.

Click the order now button and get your PMBOK Guide at your doorstep.


Summary of PMBOK guide.

PMBOK Guide is the best-selling book on Amazon for those who want to be a successful project manager. Not only this is an instructional guide that provides all the fundamental, steps and methods for project management but also this will help you in your PMP exam and it will enhance your project management skills, systematically handling a project. You will learn how to work and manage projects in any industry.

The guide covers all the modern-day strategies for Project management. It will increase your critical analysis and project understanding. You will which method is good for the particular project?

Eventually PMBOK Guide is recommended by a Project management expert to all PM students.

Writer: Mahtab Ur Rahman

Email: mehtaburrehman713@gmail.com

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